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Maki’s First DVD! “Post-Rehab Exercises for Total Hip Replacement”

has been sold worldwide since 2011!!

Last update: December 2023

Maki herself underwent bilateral total hip replacement (see “Her-Story” for more details). She realized that "appropriate exercise" and “consistency” are extremely important to yield better, stronger & lasting results. That makes a HUGE difference over time.

Based on her own experience as a patient & as a personal trainer, she carefully selected safe, basic, yet very effective exercises to help people who have the similar issues.

There’re so many great exercises that she had to split into 2 DVDs! (see “DVD” for more details)

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Besides being a producer of the exceptional DVD "Post-Rehab Exercises for Total Hip Replacement", Maki is a certified (AFAA) personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor with...

  1. -11 year experience including 7 years at Equinox, the high-profile fitness club in NYC.

  2. -Post-rehab/injury/surgery specialist, who successfully overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis and bilateral Total Hip Replacement.

  3. -Winning trainer for the "Biggest Loser" club contest (2008).

  4. -Body makeover ("Hollywood body") specialist.

  5. -Executive producer of the DVD “Post-Rehab Exercise for Total Hip Replacement” being sold world-wide, including Australia & Europe.

  6. -Eastern Remedy specialist.

- Sports-specific trainer (Golf and Ski).

- Popular anti-aging specialist in Japan.

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Where does she train?

She goes to see you and train in your apartment's gym. If your apartment has no gym facility, then some of independent trainer’s gyms might be used (the gym rental fee shall be split).

For post-rehab/injury/surgery clients, the gym environment might not be needed.

Get Maki’s Online Sessions Wherever You Live!

Maki has started an unique online session called:

“Reverse Your Rheumatoid Arthritis by Yourself!”


These pics in the right column are herself treated (actually "reversed") her own Rheumatoid Arthritis, while the left column represents typical patients going through the conventional treatment and still struggling.

She was diagnosed as "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis" 40+ years ago and experienced the toughest time in her life.  She left "conventional treatment" for her own "holistic treatment" that lead me from a miserable wheelchair-bound girl in Japan to the top-notch personal trainer in a high-profile fitness club in New York (Click here for more details of “Her-Story”)!

As she has become an independent trainer, she would like to teach you how to "reverse" your rheumatoid arthritis!

You can live anywhere in the world to get Maki’s exceptional sessions through Zoom, which enable you to make a free video call as long as you have an access to Internet or Wi-Fi service.

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