Kikodo Dance


Maki has integrated the Qigong-related movements (related to Tai-Chi as well) and Japanese New Age music into a 45-60 minute dance program.

Qigong is the foundation of Ancient Eastern Medicine. Her supposedly 'incurable' autoimmune disorder was successfully treated by the ancient therapies, when Modern Western Medicine had limitations (see Her-Story). "I'm so glad to introduce this Eastern heritage through a form of dance," Maki says**

It's no doubt - "Prevention is the best & cheapest treatment" - Maki has been diligently working on this dance program to promote body and mind energy empowerment. With sky-rocketing medical costs, you may find this unique dance exercise quite beneficial.

Please contact us if you're interested in adding KIKODO DANCE™ to your exercise program!

"Blending Western and Eastern cultures and connecting Modern and Ancient treatments" - that has been Maki's greatest interest.  Even better, she can now combine it with her most favorite fitness activity - Dance.

It's called KIKODO DANCE™. "Kikoh" is the Japanese pronunciation (same characters) of Qigong*, a well-known Chinese traditional therapy with a 5000 year history. "Do" means "road, way, or style of discipline” in Japanese.

* More and more scientific research has been conducted worldwide to prove the effectiveness of Qigong (click here).

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Dance Program


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Qigong or Tai-Chi related dance exercise

Adding Tate (Samurai sword fighting) choreography

coming soon!

coming soon!