Hollywood body



What is Hollywood Body?

Hollywood Body is a tone & firm, lean, well-balanced (not overdeveloped), athletic body just like those sexy Hollywood stars represent.

As often described as "look fit and feel fabulous," it shows to the world that he/she is actively working out and maintains a high level of energy, thus metabolic rate as well.

Rule 1: From “Pear-shape” to “V-shape”

Maki believes that the proportionally developed "V-shape" makes the sexiest and most beautiful figure for both men and women.

She will identify each client's "body type" and design a customized exercise program to bring him/her to the V-shape as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Rule 2: Change Body Composition

"Change the body composition" does not necessarily mean lose or gain weight. Body composition is the ratio of lean body mass to body fat mass (body fat %).

Since muscles weigh more than fat, a bodybuilder and an obese person could have exactly the same weight and height, but their body compositions (fat/muscle ratios) are totally different, thus, they look different.

Maki's program accelerates the fat burning while building muscles so that you can see the muscle definitions more naturally and effectively than you do in other ways.

Rule 3: Age Doesn’t Count

No matter what age you are, you can get as "fit & fabulous" as you want. It’s all up to you - how much you can commit to yourself and want to make it happen. Ask Maki for her own experience:

"This is me in 2000. I was a gym enthusiast, mainly took group exercise classes 3 days a week following my favorite group instructors. I felt great, filled with positive energy mentally and physically. Since I was never overweight (5' 2" & 110+ lb), I never cared about my body fat, nor body composition.

In 2006, I decided to go serious and became a full-time personal trainer. Then I encountered the fascinating world of 'body makeover'. I started prescribing myself a body makeover program, just like giving to my clients."

"This is me in 2007. While my body weight didn't change that much (from 110 lb to 106 lb), but my body fat dramatically reduced from 25% to 18%.

I successfully changed my body composition. I felt younger and looked younger. Since I gained more muscles, I felt more energy. While my scale didn't say too much, I looked so different on the mirror."

Combined the proper amount of cardio and weight trainings, Maki's unique body makeover program evidently reverses the aging process and rejuvenates yourself lifting up to the higher energy and fitness level. In other words, age cannot be an excuse not to get the results with Maki's program (see Testimonials).

Rule 4: Balance Out

Well-balanced muscle development is another key to getting a Hollywood body. Imbalanced muscle development gives you not only "not-so-sexy" looking but also induces a risk of injuries.

Through her long journey from disability (entire joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis as a teenager in Japan) to a top-notch personal trainer in New York, Maki has learned 'balanced-out' exercises, in terms of left & right, front & back, upper & lower, agonist & antagonist, would not only bring you an ideal shape on the mirror, but prevent you from future injuries.

Maki will identify and analyze each client's imbalance, weakness and unfavorable habits during the first couple of sessions, then program a series of exercises, that will fix the problems and lead you to a Hollywood Body in the most efficient and safe way.

Rule 5: Maintenance Represents Yourself

Sorry guys, God equally gave us the same ordeal - It’s so easy to lose muscles, while it’s so easy to gain fat! Even those Hollywood stars are not an exception:

Again, "Rome was not built in a day" - building a Hollywood body requires solid determination, commitment, and perseverance.  Sounds hard? - but actually these attributes help you grow as a better person. By the time you see the great results on the mirror, you’ll find yourself even better and more attractive person inside and outside! 

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2000 Teen Choice Award

Indeed, it’s not hard to stay in shape when you’re young having high metabolic rate, but it won’t last forever...


“The Beach” (2000)